Head Researcher

Dr. Gaylene Fasenko, PhD

Associate Professor - Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science / Alberta Veterinary Research Institute
Degree: PhD, North Carolina State University
Room: 3-10D Ag/For Centre
Phone: (780) 492-5130
Fax: (780) 492-4265
Email: gaylene.fasenko@ualberta.ca


Job/Research Area
Poultry Embryology and Hatching Health, and Member of AVRI Council

Major Responsibilities/Research Interests
The overall goal of the research program is to investigate the biological, genetic and environmental factors that influence poultry embryonic viability, development, and chick and poult growth potential. An ongoing area of interest is the effect of long term hatching egg storage on embryonic cell survival, embryonic development, metabolism, and viability, and hatchling survival. Many of the current research projects are focussed on developing and refining techniques to examine sperm viability, embryonic cell apoptosis, necrosis, and gene expression, and embryonic metabolism. Upcoming research will evaluate: the concept of embryonic physiological zero, the potential benefits of in ovo injection on embryonic survival and neonatal growth, the factors that predispose hatchlings to yolk sac infections, and the potential of infrared thermography to detect embryonic overheating and subclinical disease in hatchlings.

Granting Agencies
Alberta Agricultural Research Institute (AARI), Alberta Livestock Industry Development Fund (ALIDF), Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency (ALMA), Agriculture and Food Council, Lilydale, Maple Leaf, Hybrid, Alberta Farm Animal Care (AFAC), Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), Poultry Research Centre, Poultry Industry Council, Saskatchewan Chicken Industry Development Fund

Honorary member of Golden Key International Honor Society (2008)
Graduate Student Association Graduate Student Supervisor Award (2009)

Committee Involvement

Undergraduate Advisor
BSc. Animal Science Program Committee
BSc. Animal Health Program Committee
Faculty Ag Program Committee
Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research Dean’s Advisory Committee (Quality of Graduate Supervision)


ANSC 120 (Companion Animals and Society)
AFNS 601 (Animal Science Division Co-coordinator)
ANSC 410 (Guest Lecturer - Regulation of Reproduction in Domestic Animals)

Selected Publications

Fasenko, G. M., E. E. O’Dea Christopher, and L. M. McMullen. 2009. “Spraying hatching eggs with electrolyzed oxidizing water reduces eggshell microbial load without compromising broiler production parameters”. Poultry Sci. 88:1121–1127.

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Ward, P. J., G. M. Fasenko, S. Gibson, and L. M. McMullen. 2006 ."A microbiological assessment of on-farm food safety cleaning methods in broiler barns." J. Appl. Poult. Res. 15:326-332.

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