Visiting Students

Thania Gislaine Vasconcelos de Moraes

Country of origin: Brazil
Student of the last term of Veterinary Medicine, Universidade Estadual do Ceara, Brazil
Research area: Poultry Science with emphasis in artificial incubation.

Selected publications:

Romao, JM; Moraes, TGV; Teixeira, RSC; Buxade, CC; Cardoso, WC. Effect of relative humidity on incubation of Japanese quail eggs. Livestock Research for Rural Development, v.21, article#38, 2009.

Romao, JM; Moraes, TGV; Teixeira RSC; Cardoso, WC; Buxade, CC. Evaluation of egg storage length on hatchability and weight loss in incubation of egg and meat type Japanese quails. Brazilian Journal of Poultry Science, v.10, p.143-147, 2008

Moraes, TGV; Romao, JM; Teixeira RSC; Cardoso, WC. Effects of egg position in artificial incubation of Japanese quail eggs (Coturnix japonica). Animal Reproduction, v.5, p.50-54, 2008.

Moraes, TGV; Romao, JM; Silva, EE; Cardoso, WC; Buxade, CC. Incubation of Japanese quail eggs (Coturnix japonica) stored in domestic refrigerator. Livestock Research for Rural Development, v.20, article#164, 2008.

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